Sisterly Love!

26 Feb

It has been a long time since our last post! Bailey and I have been quite occupied with the arrival of her new baby sister! Bailey is an amazing big sister and adjusting very well to her new role in the household. We’ll be sure to share her stories and pictures during the transition in the months ahead!

Big Sister


8/7 Wordless Wednesday: Shark Week

7 Aug

Bailey is enjoying #SharkWeek and catching them too!




7/31 Wordless Wednesday: We love belly rubs!

31 Jul

Belly Roll


Wordless Wednesday 7/18

17 Jul

Mom and Dad have some good news!

Bailey Big Sister 036





Hilarious Target Ads

26 Jun

Really cute Target ads for animal lovers. I think all of us can relate to the dog video. Bailey started barking when she heard the door bell ring – she just couldn’t help herself.

Staying Cool this Summer

18 Jun

With Summer Solstice upon us this week, the days are definitely heating up. Heading out for a jog with Bailey requires a little more planning to make sure her paws don’t get burned on the road – or worse – she gets dehydration. Although it’s nice to take our walks anytime during the day – especially with Bailey’s unexpected burst of energy – being out in the blistering heat is no fun for pets or their parents.

In Northern California, temperatures have already reached 108 and summer’s just beginning. It’s important that Bailey and I stay active this summer, so here are some tips that help my fur baby stay cool.

  1. Try to exercise with your dog before sunrise or after sunset to avoid the hottest parts of the day. I prefer taking Bailey on her longest walk or jog in the early morning to try and drain her energy for the remainder of the day.
  2. Use a Cooling Dog Collar on walks if you have to take your dog out when it’s warm. KoolCollar is a frozen collar that drips cool water down your pooches core to help heat dissipate. You can find several other cooling dog products here.
  3. Make sure to have water available if you’re out on the town with your pup, or going for an afternoon walk. I love our portable water bowl, the Instant Dog Drinker. It’s also great to take to dog parks!
  4. Summertime is a great excuse to plan water activities for the family. Whether it’s setting up a baby pool in the backyard, turning on the sprinklers or heading to the lake, you and your dog is sure to burn off some energy playing in the water. If you have a Labrador, the only problem may be getting them out of the water. Click here to learn about common water toxins to make sure your pets are safe.
  5. Grooming and flea prevention are important especially in the summertime. Make sure your pet has flea protection during the summer and doesn’t get wet after two days of applying. Also, you can prevent dry and cracked paws by using PawGaurd Wax with Lanolin to protect against hot pavement and moisture pads during the dry weather.

We hope the help you stay cool this summer. If you have other tips or products you love, please let us know!

Man’s Best Friend

16 Jun

In honor of Father’s Day, we can’t forget the important role a human dad plays in a dog’s life – especially one as active as the Labrador. This sporting breed, or better known as a gun dog, is a certainly a man’s type of dog. They’re athletic and love to swim, run, play catch and retrieve. And, Bailey certainly has the energy for all the above in one day! She is an active family member and a trusted companion. Its no wonder dogs are known as man’s best friend.

Old Drum, the dog who inspired the catchphrase “man’s best friend,” might have been a Foxhound, but he was a sporting breed all the same. Thankfully, times have changed since 1870, but the relationship between man and dog have not. Below are the top ten reasons Bailey loves spending time with her master.

Top 10 reasons Bailey loves her Dad

  1. He is the one who feeds me dinner during the week when mom is at work.
  2. He doesn’t count how many treats I get a day.
  3. He plays tug better than mom.
  4. He runs faster than mom.
  5. He roughhouses with me.
  6. He gives me belly rubs & knows exactly where to rub my ears.
  7. He gives me kisses on my nose. (I really like those.)
  8. He doesn’t use a baby voice – I’m 3 now.
  9. He treats me like a dog, not a baby.
  10. I don’t hurt him as easy as mom.

While Bailey is definitely a mama’s girl, she is devoted to both her masters. And let’s be honest, sometimes she just loves being a crazy Labrador with her dad.

Bailey and I wish all the dad’s out there with furry babies a Happy Father’s Day!


Lazy Summer Days Are Here

6 Jun

As the weather warms up, Bailey looks for the coolest spot in the house to chill out. I think she has the right idea!

Bailey Resting


Happy 3rd Birthday Bailey!

10 May

Three years ago today, our precious Bailey was born. We had no idea how this furry baby would change our lives and bring so much joy into our family. Happy birthday to our princess Bailey! You have filled our hearts for the last three years.

Bailey 3rd birthday


Sunbathing is Happiness

2 May

Bailey has made sunbathing her morning ritual. She is going to love Summer.


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