Tax Day and Dependents

15 Apr

I think dog lovers should come together on this one. Bailey certainly acts like a child and costs as much!

Tax Day


Easter Sunday Playtime

31 Mar

Bailey had a fun time playing with her Easter presents today. We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday.


3/27 Wordless Wednesday: Easter Bunny

27 Mar

The Easter Bunny came early! We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend and gets lots of Easter treats!

Easter Bunny


3/20 Wordless Wednesday: Spring is Here!

20 Mar

Today is the first day of Spring – and Bailey and I are so excited!! More sunbathing, walks, and play dates! #woof





3/6 Wordless Wednesday: The Pet Inn

6 Mar

A quick time-lapse of Bailey sleeping at The Pet Inn. I’ve always wondered what she does when we’re away!

TPI_one TPI_two TPI_three


Home Sweet Home

4 Mar

So happy to have our Bailey home. Now she can catch up on her beauty rest after a very active couple weeks away with her fur friends.

happy home


2/20 Wordless Wednesday: Who’s Missing Who?

21 Feb

Looks like Bailey is having too much fun with fur friends on her own doggie vacation! Thanks #thepetinn!



2/13 Wordless Wednesday: Vacation?

13 Feb

We just told Bailey we’re going on vacation and she’s headed to The Pet Inn. Sorry fur baby, you can’t come with mom and dad!



2/6 Wordless Wednesday: Duck Hunting

6 Feb

Bailey is a quick learner and successfully caught her first duck this weekend! Look at that proud face… hunting for good wine is a tough job, but she’s already a pro!



1/30 Wordless Wednesday: Curious George

30 Jan

One things for sure, Bailey is my Curious George. This is her inquisitive look. Always thinking hard, like a labrador should.


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