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Lazy Summer Days Are Here

6 Jun

As the weather warms up, Bailey looks for the coolest spot in the house to chill out. I think she has the right idea!

Bailey Resting

Happy Health, Happy Tails

27 Sep

Vaccines are an important part of your new puppy’s health in order to strengthen their immune system and help keep them happy and healthy throughout their life. While you may hear concerns about over vaccinating adult dogs, puppy wellness vaccines are critical to your pup’s development. And don’t be alarmed – depending on where you live and your pet’s activity, your veterinarian may suggest additional vaccines to protect your pooch. As with any health decisions, it’s important to be informed and understand your pet’s health.  Here is a list of the main vaccines to expect giving your new furry baby.

When we brought Bailey home at six weeks of age, she had already begun her first round of puppy vaccines. But, because there was a chance she was still nursing, our vet recommended that we begin the puppy wellness vacciness from the beginning to make sure her body was producing antibodies on her own. It’s good to talk to your breeder about when they plan to begin any vaccines and how to best continue.

It’s typicall to begin puppy vacinnes at six to eight weeks, which will be around the time you pick up your new puppy, so make sure one of your first tasks is to schedule a visit to the vet. At that time, your vet will discuss vaccine recommendations, your vaccine schedule and any other needs for your puppy, such as deworming, flea and heartworm prevention. It’s important to understand how to keep your puppy safe during this time, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need – you’re paying for the time!  Click here for a complete schedule during your puppy’s first year.

While puppy vaccines are generally safe for all dogs, there are a few things you should watch for after the your puppy gets it’s shots. Click here for symptoms and possible reactions to be aware of.

One last thing to remember is immunity is not immediate! After your last round of vaccines, it takes a week or two for their little bodies to pay catch up and be fully immune. So, you’ll need to wait before you can begin socializing your new pup. This includes play dates with dogs who have not been vaccinated, any areas where unfamilair dogs may have previously pottied (even front yards) and definitely parks and public places. The LAST thing you want to do is pick up your new puppy and head to the pet store!! Pavo is highly contagious and you don’t want to expose your new furry baby.

Now, if you’re puppy is anything like Bailey – at 14 weeks, they have more energy than they (or you) know what to do with! At six weeks, Bailey was a bundle of energy, but at least she was little. After a couple months, she was much bigger and growing rapidly. She was also faster – making our yard more like a playpen than a sizable area to sprint. Are you, or someone you know, also pulling their hair out wondering how to drain their pup’s energy until fully vaccinated? Here are some tips to try:

  • Start obedience training as soon as possible. Mental exhaustion is works like a charm, while instilling some manors. (We’re still working on this!)
  • Stock up on interactive toys that stimulate your pup to burn off some energy. Check out our favorite chew toys here.
  • If you have a Labrador or hunting breed, “Find it” or “seek” might be your new favorite game! We would hide (high value) treats around the living room and backyard and encourage Bailey to use her nose and “find it.” You’ll need to be patient and practice, since puppies naturally use their eyes vs. their nose – but this is a great way to start developing other senses.
  • Practice leash walking in safe/clean areas, such as the backyard or driveway. (This was Bailey’s least favorite).
  • Introduce them to swimming. When bailey was little, we let her practice in the bathtub and then purchased a baby pool when the weather was warmer.

Still have questions? Here is a good resource with more information. Good luck and enjoy your new furry baby!

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