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7/31 Wordless Wednesday: We love belly rubs!

31 Jul

Belly Roll


Lazy Summer Days Are Here

6 Jun

As the weather warms up, Bailey looks for the coolest spot in the house to chill out. I think she has the right idea!

Bailey Resting


Happy 3rd Birthday Bailey!

10 May

Three years ago today, our precious Bailey was born. We had no idea how this furry baby would change our lives and bring so much joy into our family. Happy birthday to our princess Bailey! You have filled our hearts for the last three years.

Bailey 3rd birthday


3/27 Wordless Wednesday: Easter Bunny

27 Mar

The Easter Bunny came early! We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend and gets lots of Easter treats!

Easter Bunny


3/20 Wordless Wednesday: Spring is Here!

20 Mar

Today is the first day of Spring – and Bailey and I are so excited!! More sunbathing, walks, and play dates! #woof





3/6 Wordless Wednesday: The Pet Inn

6 Mar

A quick time-lapse of Bailey sleeping at The Pet Inn. I’ve always wondered what she does when we’re away!

TPI_one TPI_two TPI_three


Home Sweet Home

4 Mar

So happy to have our Bailey home. Now she can catch up on her beauty rest after a very active couple weeks away with her fur friends.

happy home


2/13 Wordless Wednesday: Vacation?

13 Feb

We just told Bailey we’re going on vacation and she’s headed to The Pet Inn. Sorry fur baby, you can’t come with mom and dad!



2/6 Wordless Wednesday: Duck Hunting

6 Feb

Bailey is a quick learner and successfully caught her first duck this weekend! Look at that proud face… hunting for good wine is a tough job, but she’s already a pro!



1/30 Wordless Wednesday: Curious George

30 Jan

One things for sure, Bailey is my Curious George. This is her inquisitive look. Always thinking hard, like a labrador should.


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