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Staying Cool this Summer

18 Jun

With Summer Solstice upon us this week, the days are definitely heating up. Heading out for a jog with Bailey requires a little more planning to make sure her paws don’t get burned on the road – or worse – she gets dehydration. Although it’s nice to take our walks anytime during the day – especially with Bailey’s unexpected burst of energy – being out in the blistering heat is no fun for pets or their parents.

In Northern California, temperatures have already reached 108 and summer’s just beginning. It’s important that Bailey and I stay active this summer, so here are some tips that help my fur baby stay cool.

  1. Try to exercise with your dog before sunrise or after sunset to avoid the hottest parts of the day. I prefer taking Bailey on her longest walk or jog in the early morning to try and drain her energy for the remainder of the day.
  2. Use a Cooling Dog Collar on walks if you have to take your dog out when it’s warm. KoolCollar is a frozen collar that drips cool water down your pooches core to help heat dissipate. You can find several other cooling dog products here.
  3. Make sure to have water available if you’re out on the town with your pup, or going for an afternoon walk. I love our portable water bowl, the Instant Dog Drinker. It’s also great to take to dog parks!
  4. Summertime is a great excuse to plan water activities for the family. Whether it’s setting up a baby pool in the backyard, turning on the sprinklers or heading to the lake, you and your dog is sure to burn off some energy playing in the water. If you have a Labrador, the only problem may be getting them out of the water. Click here to learn about common water toxins to make sure your pets are safe.
  5. Grooming and flea prevention are important especially in the summertime. Make sure your pet has flea protection during the summer and doesn’t get wet after two days of applying. Also, you can prevent dry and cracked paws by using PawGaurd Wax with Lanolin to protect against hot pavement and moisture pads during the dry weather.

We hope the help you stay cool this summer. If you have other tips or products you love, please let us know!

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